Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mini Wall Quilt classes

Hi Quilters! Just a reminder about a fun once-a-month class that will be starting this week , the Mini Wall Quilt. Mary Ann just finished the August sample and she has Sept.'s almost completed. Hope you will join her for the monthly class that is only $10 a month. There will also be a frame available for purchase so you can apply velcro to the back corners of your quilt and change the quilts in the frame each month! The quilts finish out to be approx. 20.5 inches by 28.5 inches. What a nice gift this would make to someone you love like, grand kids or even a parent in a nursing home.
Class starts on July 14, 10:30-3pm. Grab a friend, and come sit down with a cup of coffee or a
cold ice tea, and enjoy sewing and crafting with others.

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