Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Morning! Finches Escape

Wow what a morning!  Just about opening time I was rearranging things and needed to move the bird cage. When I picked up the bird cage the bottom fell out and 4 of the 6 finches escaped into the store.  I called my sister-in-law Deborah to help and after chasing the birds around she corralled them all back into their cage!  Yeah for Deborah! 
The quilt in the picture is for an upcoming class that Kathi Carter will be teaching in July.
Please don't forget about tomorrow, "Goin' to the Dogs" charity quilt.  I would like to get a start on it and can't do this alone so hope some of you will help.  Ga. Heartland is a great group of people that donate their time and recources to help animals with whatever they need to find a forever home.  Hope you will help. Come in anytime after 10am. on Wensday the 18th.

 Anyway.......... new fabric arrived from Moda, Warm Memories.  Eight new bolts and jelly rolls.


  1. What is the date of this class? I would like to take it but busy most of July..

  2. The class is July 13th, call to sign up - 770-304-1866. Hope you can make it!